BC Christmas Tree Association

British Columbia Christmas tree growers produce some of the finest trees in Canada. Our temperate climate combined with generally ample amounts of rainfall and fertile soils are a winning combination for growing the perfect Christmas tree.

Since 1989, BC Christmas tree growers have been organized under various regional associations. In 2021 it was determined that everyone would be better served by one provincial Association and the BC Christmas Tree Association (BCCTA) was formed.

Our Association now represents many of the growers throughout BC who collectively have a wealth of knowledge that has been passed down from one generation to the next. This knowledge, combined with the latest technologies and research from Agriculture Canada and various Universities throughout North America, is available to all members.

The BCCTA, as the voice of the Christmas Tree industry in the Province of British Columbia, strives to:

  • Provide a channel for consumers to easily connect with growers
  • Promote to consumers the benefits of acquiring a real tree
  • Assist members in growing¬†quality trees through education and the sharing of expertise
  • Promote responsible and sustainable farming practices among members
  • Facilitate interaction among members at general meetings and field days
  • Distribute relevant information obtained from provincial agencies, research organizations, universities, national organizations and industry suppliers
  • Encourage and support new growers entering the industry

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BC British Columbia Tree Association